Press release: New book “Information Law” written by Naomi Korn, Charles Oppenheim and Adrienne Muir

29 June 2020

New book presents tried and tested ‘Compliance Methodology’ for organisations seeking to navigate the complex legal landscape of the information professions.

Facet Publishing announce the release of Information Law: Compliance for librarians, information professionals and knowledge managers by Charles Oppenheim, Adrienne Muir and Naomi Korn.[1]

Library, information and knowledge professionals are often at the front line of managing and monitoring their organisation’s legal compliance and have roles and responsibilities in both complying with the law and taking advantage of its provisions. To do their jobs effectively, they need not only to understand the law, but also to develop the skills, confidence and organisational policy frameworks to apply the law’s principles to their context of use. They need the knowledge and skills to help them decide what is acceptable and to develop appropriate risk aware approaches when things are not clear-cut.

Information Law: Compliance for librarians, information professionals and knowledge managers provides an overview of important information law issues along with tools and guidance to help readers establish a framework so that their organisation can comply with its legal responsibilities and support a suitably risk aware environment which optimises access and use. Based on the authors’ many years in professional practice and on their proven ‘Compliance Methodology’, it will help readers understand the legal issues that are central to the information they hold or that they wish to access.

Charles Oppenheim remarked, “At a time when reliable information is more important than ever, it is vital that library, information and knowledge workers understand how the law affects accessing and exploiting such information. Our book provides such understanding.”

Noting the book’s suitability for course use, Adrienne Muir said, “There is currently a gap in the market for a text for students of information studies that not only provides an accessible introduction to copyright, freedom of information and data protection, but also demonstrates practical approaches to compliance in the workplace.”

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