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Online exposure is a double-edged sword. Uploading your art to social media
sites like YouTube and Facebook can provide a critical boost of visibility
for your art. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of having your material pirated.

To protect your work from copyright infringement or to seek justice once
your work has been pirated, seek representation from the Dallas-Fort Worth
internet intellectual property[1] attorneys at Norred Law. We can protect your rights and your creation,
whether you live in Texas or anywhere else in the U.S.

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Online Copyright Infringements

In the online world, creators of
intellectual property[3] are fighting two battles.

The first is with fans who want to share content with others or who want
to ‘riff’ on an artist’s work by modifying it. Those
fans may or may not know they are violating a copyright. Often the first
step in protecting your art from misappropriation is to inform people
of its protected status and to warn of the consequences of violating copyright law.

The second battle is with underground websites and file sharing networks
like BitTorrent who wish to pirate the works of others. This is a much
bigger problem and much harder to fight. The victims of this kind of online
infringement are typically companies that have copyrighted music, developed
gaming software, or produced and distributed movies and videos. Online
piracy networks usually operate across national jurisdictions, making
it much harder to bring them to justice.

Web-Aware Intellectual Property Attorneys

With over 75 years of combined experience, the lawyers at Norred Law have
helped a number of businesses create a secure space for their online intellectual property.

This property includes:

  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Illustrations
  • Recorded audio and video

Dallas-Fort Worth social media attorney Warren Norred has been at the forefront
of social media infringement and misappropriation cases. Attorney Norred
advises clients on ways they can use the Digital Millennium Copyright
Act and other federal and state laws to protect material on Facebook,
YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google+, and other websites.

Content creators on social media sites like YouTube have a unique brand
identity, innovative ideas, and original content that needs protecting.
A social media trademark is an ideal way to safeguard your material while
maintaining your brand.

Who Owns Creative Social Media Content?

When material is posted to or shared on a website, who owns that material?
The creative talent who made the material? The owner of the website where
it is posted?

Suppose that material was made by one artist and then modified (or not
modified) by another person before being uploaded to a website. Who is
responsible for the infringement of intellectual property rights? Is it
the website owner? The poster?

Internet law is a unique field of law that few firms have entered into.
The rules for untangling such disagreements are very different from disputes
in the brick-and-mortar world. Norred Law is experienced in handling intellectual
property disputes involving social media platforms and other online properties.

Reputation Management, Online Libel, & Defamation

Reputation management is a growing part of our law practice. Though not
strictly considered an intellectual property issue, a person’s reputation
can be viewed as property that can be damaged.

Personal attacks are on the upswing and so are lawsuits regarding defamation
(which includes both libel and slander) and attacks on one’s reputation
or the reputation of a business. At Norred Law, we assist artists and
other social media users whose reputations have been unfairly attacked
or diminished.

If you have been the victim of copyright infringement or misappropriation
of your creative work online, call Norred Law at (817) 500-9433 to
learn more[4] about your options for legal action.


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